I had originally typed Capturing Sports, but that, to me, sounded like the sports idiot that I am, so I changed it to SportsCapture which at least sounds like a generic ESPN App. Last week I was on a job to photograph a football tournament for Samsung. While I've photographed live events, things in motion, and un-staged events before, this was technically my first time doing sports photography. I now have massive respect for how challenging it is. You can understand why the lenses are so big (and sturdy), why the photographers are placed where they are on the field, and how amazing it is to capture the drama of a singular, physical moment. It all happens so fast that you have a hard time keeping up. As the photographer you begin to anticipate motion so that you can hopefully be pointed in the right place. You only realise afterwards, hundreds of shutter clicks later, that you captured a moment that stopped time and gave a sense of the fast pace of a match. I'm only including shots that have been posted publicly on their twitter feed https://twitter.com/samsungbakstage