I recently did a headshot photography session with Scottish Actress Sarah Macgillivray. Sarah's personality is bright, open, quirky, and spontaneous. I'd looked at her current headshots and thought "these don't capture that at all". I wanted to capture some of that mirth and light in Sarah as well as show her range. She hired a makeup artist who she'd worked with on a commercial to complete her look. This was going to be a whole new range and type of headshots for her. I think we came up with some really lovely results and they show a large range with subtle changes. It was interesting, and a good learning experience, to hear from Sarah that while she loved the photos she was unsure about the makeup. Sarah is someone who, I believe, either doesn't wear makeup often or goes with a light touch. In this case it may have been more heavy handed than she'd hoped. I still think we came up with some great photos of her, but we'll do another session with more natural makeup to complement the more dramatic and glamorous look of this session.