A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a family at play. Two parents, a set of twin boys aged 4 and a toddler around 2. I've photographed adults before in portraits, headshots, at live events. I've photographed individual children before. I've never tried photographing three young boys! It is indeed a challenge but such a fun one at that! The hard part is getting all three to be still (nearly accomplished this with the help of the parents) and the impossible part is getting them all to look in the same direction (so very close but alas). In the end it means following them around as they do what they do: play. Then capturing that joy, excitement, bonkers energy on camera. Working with kids and families is delightful. You have to stop yourself from playing with the kids who are really, also, none too shy of the camera. I'll include some images to see what an adorable family they are and to show the fun it is to photograph them. Click the images below to scroll through them.