After taking the initial photographs detailed in an earlier blog, the model, Sarah, found that while she enjoyed the photos she felt that the makeup was too strong. This was a very good lesson in portrait photography and use of makeup. In general it seems that a little makeup is good, in the sense that for film or television actors are made up to look good, even if that is going for a very natural look. The same goes for headshots in that we are trying to show a real portrait likeness of someone and at the same time trying to present the best version. Cameras with their piercing gaze that freezes a moment in time reveal a lot that we don't see even when looking at someone in person. It's that frozen moment that allows much more detailed scrutiny. With that in mind Sarah and I went for a second set of photographs, this time opting for natural light and light makeup. The results were excellent with Sarah looking luminous and capturing something enigmatic in her look.