The music video for the song 'Silver Rose' by Scottish band The Rivers, shot by myself and my friend and fellow actor John Scougall @johnscougall . We had five hours in our filming location and therefore set up three cameras for every take. The idea the band wanted was to not focus on them but rather on the music. In fact they wanted to not show their faces if possible. We took on this challenge by framing and cutting in such a way as to only show part of their faces, hopefully piquing the viewers interest as to who these guys are while also putting more focus on the song itself. In the end John and I both did edits of the video and the final product was a mix of our two edits. On that note it was fascinating to edit the same footage alongside someone else and have confirmed how editing itself reflects the style and choices of the editor. I appreciate how different a project can turn out in the hands of different editors. Here it is: