Just over a week ago, at the tail end of January, I filmed my role in a dark comedy full of mania called Do Not Disturb. In early January the filmmaker, Chris Bogle, contacted me after finding my details on Casting Call Pro. That's the amazing, and frustrating, thing about acting. You put a tremendous amount of effort out there to be noticed, thought of, brought in for auditions, and hopefully cast in a project. In the end someone just stumbles upon you, having not had any clue about your existence or work. It's great! It's what makes each day full of possibility! It also shows how very random and luck driven this career can be. 

I auditioned for Chris, had a great discussion, took some direction and gave my all. A few days later he called to say 'hey, let's make this movie together.' I was ecstatic. He put a tremendous amount of effort and planning into the project. He funded it himself. He had an art department, camera crew, lighting. He had a purpose built set in a warehouse just so they could get the exact look he wanted. I think you'll see it all up there on screen when it's released. From the small clips I'd seen on set I was very excited because the film, even in those dailies, no music, not colour corrected, not edited, already looked amazing. I repeat: I am very excited for this film. I don't want to give details away but I played the main character Charlie who just wants to get some sleep and the world around him just won't let that happen.  I've included an image of the outside of the set in the warehouse that doesn't give too much away because we want it all to be revealed when the film is finished. It will go out to the festival circuit where I'm sure to promote it even more. This is going to be a very different, dark, wonderful film.