It truly has been ages since I've posted. The major acting news since the last post is the run up, participation in, and come down from the Edinburgh Fringe. It was an overwhelming experience. In short it wasn't fun but it was a massive learning experience in producing, promoting, performing, and owning your work.

Recently I shot a small role in a new film about Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne. It was a delightful experience on set. It was made all the better by the great banter and playfulness, as well as doing the work, with big name stars and director. By middle of the day we were joking around between takes, then doing the takes as needed, chatting, and all around feeling like I was doing something that I'd set out to do: be in major feature films and working with people I respect who are at a level I would like to achieve. I won't say much more for now as the film isn't out until next year but the experience was stellar. Can't wait for the next one!