Truly the life of a jobbing actor is peaks and troughs, ups and downs, silence and busy. Within the span of a week I'd suddenly booked two jobs and it is really exciting. The first was a last minute post about Christmas adverts for Arnold Clark. They were shooting 8 of them and I ended up playing a salesman in 4 of them, using my American accent because they loved the sound of it. They're simple, delightful, comic pieces in which I can be understated in an absurd situation. Can't wait to see them when they're finished.


The second bit of news, very exciting to me, is being cast, with a line, in the Conjuring 2 shooting in London. Though I can't say much about it I was excited to be on set, sit in my trailer (what?!) and revel in the industry I love. Looking forward to my shoot day!

on set.jpg