Everyone Gets a Trophy at the Edinburgh Horror Festival

And now, coming up this week, is the Edinburgh Horror Festival. This past year I was a founding member of the improv troupe Everyone Gets a Trophy. We've been building up gigs for the past few months, coming up now to our biggest yet. We have a 3 day run at the horror festival in which we'll be creating longform horror comedies based on audience title suggestions. I'm excited and nervous. It's the biggest challenge we've had but we've been rehearsing for it and I think we're in a good place to take on the challenge!  

I was recently interviewed by one of the festival's producers, Ash Pryce, about my work, horror, the festival itself (as well as my experience at the fringe festival).  Have a listen here.

A.A. Milne film (and post Edinburgh Fringe)

It truly has been ages since I've posted. The major acting news since the last post is the run up, participation in, and come down from the Edinburgh Fringe. It was an overwhelming experience. In short it wasn't fun but it was a massive learning experience in producing, promoting, performing, and owning your work.

Recently I shot a small role in a new film about Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne. It was a delightful experience on set. It was made all the better by the great banter and playfulness, as well as doing the work, with big name stars and director. By middle of the day we were joking around between takes, then doing the takes as needed, chatting, and all around feeling like I was doing something that I'd set out to do: be in major feature films and working with people I respect who are at a level I would like to achieve. I won't say much more for now as the film isn't out until next year but the experience was stellar. Can't wait for the next one!

Do Not Disturb - short film, amazing experience

Do Not Disturb - short film, amazing experience

Just over a week ago, at the tail end of January, I filmed my role in a dark comedy full of mania called Do Not Disturb. In early January the filmmaker, Chris Bogle, contacted me after finding my details on Casting Call Pro. That's the amazing, and frustrating, thing about acting. You put a tremendous amount of effort out there to be noticed, thought of, brought in for auditions, and hopefully cast in a project. In the end someone just stumbles upon you, having not had any clue about your existence or work. It's great! It's what makes each day full of possibility! It also shows how very random and luck driven this career can be. 

I auditioned for Chris, had a great discussion, took some direction and gave my all. A few days later he called to say 'hey, let's make this movie together.' I was ecstatic. He put a tremendous amount of effort and planning into the project. He funded it himself. He had an art department, camera crew, lighting. He had a purpose built set in a warehouse just so they could get the exact look he wanted. I think you'll see it all up there on screen when it's released. From the small clips I'd seen on set I was very excited because the film, even in those dailies, no music, not colour corrected, not edited, already looked amazing. I repeat: I am very excited for this film. I don't want to give details away but I played the main character Charlie who just wants to get some sleep and the world around him just won't let that happen.  I've included an image of the outside of the set in the warehouse that doesn't give too much away because we want it all to be revealed when the film is finished. It will go out to the festival circuit where I'm sure to promote it even more. This is going to be a very different, dark, wonderful film. 

Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist shooting day finished. Arnold Clark ads posted.

I finished my shooting day on The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist https://www.warnerbros.co.uk/movies/the-conjuring-2 . It was a fantastic day, I had a blast. I met the director, James Wan, who was delightful and friendly. I had a scene talking to Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga which, in the end and to my pleasant surprise felt like we were just doing our jobs. It's fun, definitely, but it's also the feeling like we're all there working together, doing our part to make this film. I'm still reeling from the experience and I hope to be able to do more. Lots of other tidbits from the day but I'll leave it there for now. The film comes out June 2016 and you better believe I'll be excited and telling everyone about this again! Assuming it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor ;) 

Since the last post the Arnold Clark Adverts have come out so I'll just go ahead and link those below.

From internet adverts to Feature Film: Arnold Clark and the Conjuring 2

Truly the life of a jobbing actor is peaks and troughs, ups and downs, silence and busy. Within the span of a week I'd suddenly booked two jobs and it is really exciting. The first was a last minute post about Christmas adverts for Arnold Clark. They were shooting 8 of them and I ended up playing a salesman in 4 of them, using my American accent because they loved the sound of it. They're simple, delightful, comic pieces in which I can be understated in an absurd situation. Can't wait to see them when they're finished.


The second bit of news, very exciting to me, is being cast, with a line, in the Conjuring 2 shooting in London. Though I can't say much about it I was excited to be on set, sit in my trailer (what?!) and revel in the industry I love. Looking forward to my shoot day!

on set.jpg

New American Voices Festival - two shows

This year I'm excited to be part of two shows in the New American Voices Festival. I love the experience of working on new plays and meeting new people. It's a unique experience rehearsing for a new play. That initial awkwardness that people can experience when meeting new people is thrown aside by the fact that we have work to do, characters to create and give life to, and a show to put up. It's a quick process and because of that it remarkably sheds those nerves and has us laughing and opening up. The two plays this year are:

Thursday 15 Oct
A PLACE IN THE WOODS by Erik Gernand. Directed by John Young.
A dark family secret is pushed to the surface when a gay man is forced to return to his rural hometown to care for his ailing mother. 

I play Shaun, a gay documentary filmmaker.

Friday 16 Oct
ETHEL by Seth Freeman. Directed by Suzette Coon.
Ethel Hurd, an independent woman of strong, idiosyncratic views, runs a motel in the rural outskirts of a the city. When her daughter comes limping home after a disastrous relationship and professional setbacks, Ethel's equilibrium is thrown wildly off balance.

I play Rand Burstyn, a cheating husband who is pretty full of himself.

Details and booking (free!) http://tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/whats-on/new-american-voicesI

New American Voices Festival Returns!

For the past 2 years I've taken part in the American Actors UK playreading festival which features new plays from North American writers and actors from our membership. I'm excited to be taking part once again! Every year has been a fun way to experience new works and meet lots of great actors and directors and playwrights. This years festival will take place from Tuesday October 6th through Friday October 16th. http://www.americanactorsuk.com/node/870 . I'm reading in the play Ethel by Seth Freeman. Directed by Suzette Coon. I'm tentatively reading in another show but that is yet to be confirmed.